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the key is how to implement

Le 15 avril 2016, 10:18 dans Humeurs 0

I think, the key is how to implement, the key is how official window guidance. Therefore, focus on the bank's next substantive action is very important. Third, what prices will in the future I in previous impressive change of Buy Gucci Belt real estate article points out that if the news is true, that means the strongest real estate policy rescue, hot spots can begin to see the house of the city. At the end of the article also points out that plainly: once frenzied bailout policy, you must also unscrupulous decided to buy a house. After the policy is clear, I reiterate this view. But personally, I think, the effect of the policy can't close to 08. First, the real estate market fundamentals and 08 changed. 08 year housing shortage of overall is still in the stage, the crazy bail-out money drain has bred safe-haven demand that buy a house. But today, Buy Gucci Belt real estate market has three tc change: first, to buy a house speculators in the past, has become of sellers, this is the biggest changes in the real estate market, see the change, don't aware of the approaching death and still doing the carnival dream; Secondly, more than 80% of the urban housing supply has serious excess. In addition to a few cities, hot spots, the capital city of a small part of the city, housing inventory digestion period has come to a red warning line, some places even at least 10 years to digest inventory, fake gucci belt is more than one, the value of the house just like Fake Gucci Belt cabbage; social capital is out of the real estate market, don't say that investment has dropped to below 14%, also don't say only xiamen one in 70 large and medium-sized cities, to see the future of real estate, ultimately depends on money how to vote. , replica gucci belts eight months before entering of capital of the real estate industry growth is only 3%, this is the worst since the real estate market, considering the real estate volume since 2013 has is very big, the growth means money in the escape from the real estate industry. The three changes are local current fundamentals, the fundamentals and 08 completely different, also means that the effect after the policy implementation is not close to 08. Second, the financial market. 08 to rescue, Gucci Belt Cheap implemented a unprecedented monetary easing, cause a large monetary targeting and panic buying of residents, this big background does not exist at present. At the same time, in the backdrop of the financial reform, the Banks are reluctant to put too much credit resources to chicken ribs type of mortgage, don't discount mortgages more; The second is a lot of social capital has been reluctant to enter the real estate market; Three is the residents of housing investment enthusiasm in decline; Fourth, under the background of the anti-corruption policy execution may not too out of tune. What that means, means that financial institutions, or investing in real estate is a passion for the real estate market itself has changed. I think that the mortgage credit release liquidity can't be more than 8 years. Third, the future of the real estate market is going on here, it is necessary to show off in an ostentatious manner, there are a lot of people because of my holidays and individual developers get me the real estate market point of view. Himself from last September to now has been sticking to our judgment of the real estate market in the future several:

Master these the points of life

Le 15 avril 2016, 10:16 dans Humeurs 0

In order to encourage the enthusiasm of the banking financial institutions to mortgage, notice to encourage Banks by issuing mortgage-backed securities (MBS), release period longer special financial bonds, and other measures to raise funds, designed to increase the first set of ordinary from the housing type and improvement ordinary from the housing lending. 


Third, increase the developer financing ability. In this year, all funds into the real estate industry are greatly reduced, in August 1 to investment growth of only 3% of the cases, in order to increase the cash flow of the developer, notice requiring Banks to rational allocation of credit resources, support the qualification is good, the good faith management common commercial housing development and construction of real estate enterprises, actively support has market prospect in the extension project of construction, the reasonable financing needs. Marketization of expanding the financing channels, support conforms to the condition of the real estate enterprises in the inter-bank bond market to issue debt financing tools. 


We will actively yet prudently carry out real estate investment trusts (REITs) pilot. This means that there are quite a part of the bank would start lending to developers, solve the developers. Second, how to influence the real estate market policies KouZiYan housing credit New Deal the key is not the policy itself, such as the 70% interest rate discount will implement and so on, any policy on comprehend the spiritual essence of Gucci Belt Cheap


What is the spiritual essence of this file is important than what file itself says a lot. 08 rescue, the file is to improve the banner of sexual needs, playing file specifies the minimum down payment proportion. It is great but in the end the execution of the bail-out, a lot of places in the zero down payment you can want to buy how much house can buy how many, mortgage policy of loose, unprecedented. The spirit of the document has three: first, if you want to buy a house, a bank to support, can you imagine the strength of the support; replica gucci belts are reluctant to put resources into mortgage management also help you solve the problem of; Third, developers have no money problems financing management also requires Banks to developers. 


Master these three points, the spirit of the document is basically in place, we have let the bank water, buy a house here's looking at you. Someone comments, said that the mortgage policy after 8 years, my personal judgment, the scale of the file itself completely beyond the 08 October bailout of real estate policy, the 08 4 trillion big rescue this background, so far as to say that the background is more fierce than the file itself, no four trillion big crazy, only the housing credit policy adjustment, there will be no later rapid advances in Buy Gucci Belt real estate.